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Custom exterior screens

With too many colors…

Check them all out! We’ve got 22 “standard” colors. A couple dozen more we stock for specific customers. We constantly order exact matches to your favorite awning or pergola. Or even colors to match old existing screens. On top of that, every RAL color in the book. Explore the Frame Color Catalog.

and too much capacity…

We only sell to 75% of our production capacity, so we can maintain a 3-5 day lead-time throughout the summer and still enjoy some time off. When we’re full, we turn away new customers while capacity is built up. Get in line.

Wind resistance rating?

Old news. Try jump resistance rating. We don’t recommend using our screens as a trampoline, but that doesn’t mean it’s still not a fun idea.

We decided on…

over-engineered parts…

We test new parts by smashing them with baseball bats and “cannon-balling” onto them. Seriously.

Our side retention tracks balance PVC flexibility with aluminum rigidity. Our parts aren’t made of plastic POM or ABS, but real engineering grade materials.

too many choices…

Two world class motors. Fabrics from around the world. Enough frame colors to please even the most discerning homeowner. Set yourself free.

an unhealthy obsession with making things…

When we say “we manufacture screens” we don’t mean that we purchase and assemble parts from overseas suppliers or knock-offs of existing screen systems. (Ask if you’re current supplier has a product engineering staff…. you’ll see what we mean).

Our proprietary system was designed in Seattle, Washington and every component is manufactured right here. Our parts are CNC’d on industrial 3D-printers in a lean factory; just-in-time and for each individual order.

in-house engineering…

CAD drawings for builder specifications? Got ’em. Interactive exploded drawings for every component? Glad you asked. Custom parts and modifications by request? All day.

extra remotes…

Your customer doesn’t hold the screen in their hand, they hold the remote! Make it a great experience with plenty of remotes for your specific installation

…and world-class suppliers.

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