Documents & Warranty

Here you will find technical documents and warranty information for Templar Screen’s Knight Shade system. For certified installers and distributors, more information is available inside the dealer portal. If you have questions or need help designing for your particular install situation, we’re here to help!

Guides and Specifications

  • TKS Spec Sheet (PDF)
  • Parts List (PDF)
  • Cut Sheet (PDF)
  • Seam Location Guidelines (PDF)
  • Installation Guide (PDF)
  • Surface Mount Installation (PDF or DXF)
  • Recessed Installation (PDF or DXF)
  • Inside Mount Installation (PDF or DXF)

Motor and Remote Programming

  • Alpha Motor Programming One-Sheet (PDF)
  • Alpha Motor Programming Instructions (In-Depth) (PDF)
  • Alpha Motor Programming (Text Explanation Version) (PDF)
  • Somfy Motor Programming Pocket Guide (PDF)

Useful Links

  • Fabric Options (Link)
  • Frame Color Options (Link)

Warranty Information

  • Templar Screens Warranty (PDF)
  • Templar Screens Powdercoat Quality Policy (PDF)
  • Alpha Motors 7-year Warranty (PDF)
  • Somfy Motors 5-year Warranty (Link)
  • Twitchell Fabric Warranty
    • Nano 95, 97 and 99 (PDF)
    • Nano 50, 55, 60 and 70 (PDF)
    • Omegatex (PDF)
    • Textilene 80, 90 and 95 (PDF)
    • Textilene (PDF)
  • Serge Ferrari Warranty (PDF)
  • Mermet Warranty (PDF)

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