We’re more “makers” than “marketers”, but when we’ve occasionally got stuff to share, you can find it here.

  • More than you want to know about Fabric choices.
    While there is plenty of discussion about “polyester versus fiberglass”, or the benefits of “precontraint“, or the incredible thinness of solution-dyed PET, the truth is that that each screen installation would benefit from the right fabric. If you want to keep things simple, we don’t believe there is a “wrong” fabric (as long as the… Read more: More than you want to know about Fabric choices.
  • Flexi-Track Technical Drawing
    You’ve probably seen the videos of us jumping up and down our screen system to prove how ridiculously strong our Flexi-Track side retention is. Check out the interactive drawing below for some insights into how it works. We combine the material sciences of aluminum, stainless steel, PET, rigid PVC, semi-rigid PVC, and heavy-duty vinyl on… Read more: Flexi-Track Technical Drawing
  • The 5B Idler Spindle
    Check this thing out! Why “5B”? Because it takes 5 separate bushings and bearings to ensure that every moving object is in contact with a tolerance controlled surface and to eliminate EVERY metal on metal interaction. With a 3/4″ spindle just might be the coolest part of our screen system.
  • 2023 Dealer Price Book
    If you’ve created a login account on, you have access to the Dealer Portal and a bunch of documents we keep behind that login. One of those documents might be useful to you and your sales team: the Retail Price Book! To find it, login and click the “Dealer Dashboard” link. Under the list… Read more: 2023 Dealer Price Book
  • Tubular Motor Tear-down
    We offer two different motorization options – Alpha and Somfy. There are some key differences between the motors, but they are both great options with their own pros and cons. Check out this video for a look at the insides of the motors and testing of the overheating point for both motors. Fun fact: in… Read more: Tubular Motor Tear-down
  • “Motor Testing” meets “Truck Pull”
    We offer both Somfy and Alpha motors in our exterior screens. Both are great options and we recommend both of them depending on the install situation. Because Alpha is the newer motor supplier of the two, we’ve been testing it a bit more rigorously and trying to find out where it will finally fail. Last… Read more: “Motor Testing” meets “Truck Pull”
  • How we maintain amazing lead-times
    Speed matters. Blame Amazon. Your customers want quick responses, immediate gratification and installation the day after they sign your quote. Their complaints when you quote 6 weeks to delivery won’t lose you the job, but it certainly won’t make them happy. Toss in a couple freight delays and you’re already apologizing before the installation has… Read more: How we maintain amazing lead-times
  • Cross-hatch Testing
    Every Knight Shade at Templar Screens is individually powdercoated on a just-in-time basis. It’s part of the secret to providing you with quick lead times throughout the entire summer season. It also ensure every your cut ends are coated and prevents peeling in the years after installation. But… you’ve got to make sure you’re getting… Read more: Cross-hatch Testing
  • About FDM 3D Printing.
    Injection-molding has been around since 1872. It’s been through a lot of improvements since then, but it still basically consists of ramming molten plastic into a mold and letting it cool down. We’ve got experience designing a lot of parts for this process and its primary advantage is really affordable parts. But the downsides are… Read more: About FDM 3D Printing.

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