Stand-Up Screen Display


You’ve seen our videos of jumping on the Templar Screen to display the strength of our parts and the unique side retention – now you can show this same functionality at your own showroom or home show!



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Check out our jump test here. After a ton of requests, we’ve made a small version of this test unit for our dealers. The frame is made out of modular extrusion, so you can disassemble it and transport it to home shows easily. The modular frame comes in Textured Black or Anodized Grey. The screen comes in Textured Linen by default, but you can call in and request your own color.

The unit is a Standard Templar Unit with NO extra modifications to make it any stronger than one you’d install on a customer’s home. Configured Details: Standard Housing, Surface Tracks, Tall Hem Bar, Nano 95 Fabric. The unit is full functioning and can be deployed/retracted when it is tilted upright. Comes with a single channel remote.

When standing, unit is 40″ Wide and 60″ Tall. When laid down, the unit step is roughly 15″ off the ground. We can send replacement fabric panels if you damage the fabric from too much use.

This sample is designed to ship via small package, yay!!

The fabric is Nano 95 from Twitchell. This fabric is NOT DESIGNED to be stood on repeatedly (or stood on at all, really.). It’s designed to be a very durable solar protection fabric. By using the fabric as we are in this sample unit, you will get “warpage” and wrinkles – not to mention a TON of footprints. 🙂 This sample isn’t the best for showing exactly how beautiful these screens can be when installed.


LAWYERS MADE US ADD THIS DISCLAIMER: We don’t suggest having your customers jump or “cannonball” directly onto the screen. This product was designed as a solar-protection home improvement product, not a trampoline. Check the fasteners and material regularly to ensure the screen is in good working condition. We are not liable for any injury.

Weight 95 lbs
Dimensions 65 × 14 × 13 in
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