Composer Export5Tall hem bar option. Limits deflection in certain installations.3697End caps available in black, white or custom colors.2Multiple pile brush options available.45Weight bar size dependant on total unit size.87Hundreds of fabrics available. Click for full list.6Use fabric configurator to see all options available.1IDP/NDescription1Fabric AssemblyFabric Assembly2TKS-1031Standard Bottom Bar3TKS-1035Tall Bottom Bar4TKS-3001Black Pile Brush .320h5TKS-30051″ x 0.5″ x 15″ Steel Weight BarIDP/NDescription6TKS-4001#6 x 0.75″ SS Flat Head Screw7TKS-4002#4 x 5/16″ SS Flat Head Screw8TKS-5001Standard Hem Bar Right Cap9TKS-5002Standard Hem Bar Left Captooltip
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