High quality, built-to-order, exterior solar screens. Distributed through our network of the world’s best installers.

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From order placed to shipment. (Non-stock powder or non-stock fabric are currently adding 9 days, on average)

Designed and engineered from the ground up to provide world class installers with the best possible screen for any situation. 3 housing sizes, 5 side track options & 2 hem bars available.

Composer ExportSurface, inset and recessed options available.Available in three heights.14Available in three sizes.32IDAssembly Description1Fabric and Hem Bar Assembly2Housing AssemblyIDAssembly Description3Motor Tube Assembly4Retention Assemblytooltip

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A working Knight Shade screen, with some of the Templar Screens family on it.

We offer fabric, powder and motorization options from top manufacturers across the globe. Let our team walk you through the best options for your specific installation.

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