More than you want to know about Fabric choices.

While there is plenty of discussion about “polyester versus fiberglass”, or the benefits of “precontraint“, or the incredible thinness of solution-dyed PET, the truth is that that each screen installation would benefit from the right fabric. If you want to keep things simple, we don’t believe there is a “wrong” fabric (as long as the […]

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The 5B Idler Spindle

Check this thing out! Why “5B”? Because it takes 5 separate bushings and bearings to ensure that every moving object is in contact with a tolerance controlled surface and to eliminate EVERY metal on metal interaction. With a 3/4″ spindle just might be the coolest part of our screen system.

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Cross-hatch Testing

Every Knight Shade at Templar Screens is individually powdercoated on a just-in-time basis. It’s part of the secret to providing you with quick lead times throughout the entire summer season. It also ensure every your cut ends are coated and prevents peeling in the years after installation. But… you’ve got to make sure you’re getting

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About FDM 3D Printing.

Injection-molding has been around since 1872. It’s been through a lot of improvements since then, but it still basically consists of ramming molten plastic into a mold and letting it cool down. We’ve got experience designing a lot of parts for this process and its primary advantage is really affordable parts. But the downsides are

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